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Soul Nation - The history of korean bboying

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Posted: 2015-04-15, 19:21   Soul Nation - The history of korean bboying


The Bboying is a Dance/Sport/Culture born in New York arround the 80´s, although today it extends worldwide where there are dozens of championships and has become a style and way of life.
Currently, South Korea has become the world first power of this art and now many people call this country like the "Mecca of dance" because from then 2000 till now they have won many world titles revolutionizing the landscape with news and amazing moves and becoming the point to go around the planet.
All the great teams want to face the Koreans, all the dancers want to go to Korea to learn from them,the entire nation is filled with dozens of teams with unmatched palm for other countries, This has generated a strong impact on the society where this sport/art is known and appears on TV, which has further fueled strong growth in similar dances such as Hip-Hop, Locking Popping or others.

This pretty current situation should not be forgotten, for it we want to do a documentary to know how it all started and discover the secrets of how these guys made their dreams and pushed the dance up as high as, So for this, because we are a humble production company (but we have talent of course) we need each brings their little grain of sand in the form of financial donations to carry out this film that we are working with hard work and dedication, unfortunately the documentary will be only available if we can achieve the goal of raising (budget) with which pay production costs, taxes, VAT, autonomous, image rights, displacement, creating shirts and dvds, web, bboys fees and actor and equipment technical ...
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