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How to join the VIP group
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Posted: 2008-05-05, 23:01   How to join the VIP group

Why private section VIP came into being :?:
Section VIP came into being for progress of forum. Desire to getting to the VIP section
will bring about increasing numbers of uploading users and activity users.

What rank VIP give me :?:
In VIP section will be placed links to newest and most sought-after bboy stuff.
It will be accessible only in VIP section initially and really after few weeks it will be accessible for all.

How can I get VIP rank :?:
This is very simple. It will suffice to contribute to development of forum.
Rank the VIP is granted for one month and every month it is necessary to fulfil one of
undermentioned conditions.

1. First and the easiest way is uploading.
To get VIP rank it's involved to upload minimum one movie. Movie has to be FULL. Full DVD or DVD-rip.
However before you will share anything, first use search option and
make sure if it already doesn't exist on the forum.
Requirement relating uploads for
- Archive files must be secured with password:
- Files must contain in name nick of uploader for example:
Evolution 3 CD 1 (by "your nick").part1.rar
Files uploaded for have the total priority over different files.

2. Activity on the forum.
If you are active on forum, you help a lot, for example in music request or video song list
sections, you will be noticed and you will become rewarded.

3. Financial support for forum.
It is obvious that maintaining the forum cost quite a lot. Purchase server, maintenance domain etc.
If you dont have any movies nor music or for some reasons you don't want to share anything
you can make free donation. VIP rank will receive every person which donate minimum 2€.

For the one which will resolve to do support forum financially I am passing the number of the
account to which it is possible to pay the money:

1. Paypal

2. Number of Bank account
23 1050 1429 1000 0005 0059 1045 (ING)
In title of transfer ask to write: "your nick" - donation for
In the name of the addressee of the transfer: Jacker

Thank you for all future donation.

If you fulfilled one of these conditions, send me private message.

- - - -
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